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The goal for the Yard of the Quarter is to award and recognize the efforts of Prairie View residents who take pride in their home and landscape and inspire others to do
the same.
 YardQtr    October 2
6 - 8 pm

The program will start in March and end in December.  Each yard may only win the Yard of the Quarter award once in a calendar year.

Winners will receive:
 A specially designed "Yard of the Quarter" sign placed in their yard for one quarter, a certificate of recognition signed by the Mayor and given at a Council meeting, and a photo  in The Prairie View Quarterly newsletter.

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Planning Guide

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JUDGING CRITERIA.  Yard of the Quarter candidates are judged solely on the total exterior appearance of their property and front yard as viewed from the street. General upkeep of the yard and property are important.  Factors include the overall appearance, tidiness and neatness of the front of the property.  Each yard will be chosen from the nomination given to the Keeping PV Clean & Beautiful Committee.  Nomination can be made by emailing to  Note:  Residents may nominate their own property.  Nominations are due by the 3rd Saturday in March, June, September and December.

A.  Yard Maintenance:   * Healthy lawn, neatly mowed & edged  * Pruned and trimmed shrubs &  trees  * Healthy plants  * Minimum weeds in flowerbeds  * Yard free of debris & clutter  * Clean walkways & driveways (including boats, trailers, campers, trash containers and yard products removed from view)  * Clear of vehicles of any kind parked on the lawn/yard

B.  Design and Landscaping:   * Use of color and texture   * Creative, unique, curb appeal  * Overall aesthetic appeal, an inspiration to others in the neighborhood  * Balance appropriate to house and lot size   * While lack of strict adherence to the criteria above does not necessarily result in a disqualification, these criteria offer general guidelines  to be recognized   * Only the front yard as viewed from the street will be judged.  Backyards will not be considered, even if visible from the street.  * All plantings must be living; no plastic, silk or artificial plants.

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