Kendric Jones - Position #3

KJones2017   Kendric D. Jones
Position #3
A native of Houston, Texas, and a graduate of Lamar High School in the Houston Independent School District, Kendric D. Jones serves as Prairie View City Council Member Position 3. Currently a senior agriculture economics major at Prairie View A&M University, Kendric is also president-elect of Prairie View A&M’s Student Government Association where he serves and advocates for a student body of roughly 9,000 students. Prior to these positions Kendric has remained diligent in his work supporting those in and around his community.

As the Student Government Association’s executive comptroller, Kendric worked closely with faculty, administration, and student leaders to ensure the fiscal budget was adequately prepared and managed. In addition to this role, Kendric served as sophomore class president where he created, managed, and implemented many programs and initiatives to propel the social capital of his class of 2000 students.

Managing crucial relationships and cultivating his voice for public advocacy became a focus early on. An honors student and active in several community projects, Kendric believes serving his community is not only his responsibility but his call in life.

He is founder and president of KING Mentor Program; an organization that hosts roundtable discussions with middle school boys at local middle schools to guide them through issues of socialization and academic matriculation. Kendric is also the chaplain for the Collegiate 100 executive board and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.