Jonathan L. Miller - Position #1



Jonathan L. Miller
Position #1

 Councilman Jonathan L. Miller was born in Pittsburg, California and migrated to Prairie View, Texas in 2010. He, his brother, and father, George H. Miller, are alumni of Prairie View A & M University.

As a student at Prairie View A & M University, he served in a variety of leadership capacities, including service on the Student Government Associations, as Vice President of Academic Affairs. As Vice President of Academic Affairs, he collaborated with faculty on the University Academic Council making decisions regarding the academic affairs of the University.   As a student leader, Mr. Miller led voter registration drives, participated in community service initiatives, and in a multitude of student-led seminars designed to develop professionalism amongst his peers.

Since graduating in May 2015, with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies, his next point of focus has become to obtain certification in middle school English. 

Councilman Jonathan L. Miller  shares his love of civic service and leadership with his father, George H. Miller, who served as the twice elected President of Pittsburg Unified School Districts School Board and who is now retired from a professional career as a principal and educator for a quarter of a century. 

Councilman Jonathan L. Miller is especially excited to serve as the youngest member on the Prairie View City Council.  He willingly accepts the challenge of making tough decisions in an effort to maintain the greater good of the entire community.   He proudly expects to be a voice for change and transparency; to serve as a leader representing his constituents who include Prairie View citizens and Prairie View A & M students.   He looks forward to conversing with the City’s many proud residents of this naturally beautiful municipality.  He hopes to individually and as a member of the governing body make significant improvements, where possible to focus on sustainability and while improving the City’s fiscal standing during his tenure on the City Council.   Councilman Jonathan L. Miller acknowledges and thanks the voters who have allowed him the privilege and responsibility to participate in the City’s leadership and demonstrate a commitment to governance.