Prairie View Municipal Court

We are committed to the health and safety of our customers, visitors, and staff members.

If you have not been ORDERED to appear in person, please appear by mail, electronic mail, or fax ON or BEFORE your scheduled court date to resolve your case. 

If you are scheduled to appear in Prairie View Municipal Court please ensure that you
appear by mail, electronic mail, or fax  ON OR BEFORE your scheduled court date to resolve your case.


Please contact the Municipal Court @ (936) 857-5327 or to make alternate appearance arrangements if any of the following applies to you:

  • If you are over age 65 years old;
  • If you have an underlying health condition such as (high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma);
  • If you have an immune system that may be compromised such as by chemotherapy or other conditions requiring such therapy;

If you have a case pending in The Prairie View Municipal court, please consider the following OPTIONS:

  • You may review available options, print documents, make payments, etc. (Fines/Fees Table)
  • At this time, in-court appearances are suspended, and the court window is closed to the public.  
  • You may email the court at to inquire or resolve your case.  Please include your name, date of birth, mailing address, telephone number, and case number.
  • Please comply with all court orders and judgments.  If you are not sure how to proceed, please contact the court via telephone or email. 

The City of Prairie View is exercising all precautionary measures as prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control. 

Contact with the Court

"A Judge….shall not directly or indirectly initiate, permit, nor consider ex parte or other private communications concerning the merits of a pending or impending judicial proceeding. A Judge shall require compliance with this subsection by court personnel subject to his or her direction and control…"
Judicial Code of Conduct Cannon 3 Section A(5)

Court Appointment Listing

The City of Prairie View Municipal Court has jurisdiction over violations of city ordinances and Class C misdemeanor criminal cases where the punishment upon conviction is by fine only, ranging from zero dollars ($0.00) up to $2,000 dollars. The Municipal Court also has jurisdiction over any state law violations punishable by fine only including theft of property valued under $50.00, public intoxication, and minor in possession of alcohol.

The municipal court does not have jurisdiction in most civil cases but does have limited civil jurisdiction in cases that involve owners of dangerous dogs.


All Persons Entering the Courtroom Shall be Clean and Dressed in a Manner that Reflects Dignity and Respect for the Court.

Unacceptable attire includes, but is not limited to:

Shorts, cut-offs; T-shirts, muscle shirts,  tube tops, halter tops, tank tops, crop tops, low cut tops and dresses; Shirts that are not tucked in Flip-flop style shoes; Drooping/saggy pants; Short skirts or dresses; Sunglasses not required by a prescription; Hats, caps or other headwear not required by religion; Clothing indicating gang affiliation; Clothing showing offensive, vulgar, racist or obscene language

  • Electronic devices, including cell phones, pagers, ipods, pdas, cameras, and laptops are not allowed in the courtroom. Please leave these devices in your vehicle.
  • Talking is not allowed in the courtroom while the judge is on the bench.
  • Eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the courtroom is prohibited.
  • Offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, or obscene language is prohibited.
  • When responding to a question in the courtroom, answer, “Yes or No Your Honor” or “Yes or No Sir/Ma’am”. Additional fines may be added for each “yeah” or “nod” response.
  • Any form of horseplay or disruptive behavior will result in removal.
  • Small children must be supervised at all times.
  • Violation of any of these rules may result in a contempt charge being filed against you and your confinement to jail.






Mailing Address
P.O. Box 817
Prairie View, Texas 77446-0817

Physical Addresses

City Hall
44500 Business Hwy. 290

Prairie View, Texas  77446
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Prairie View A & M University
Coll. of Juvenile Justice & Psychology
Don K. Clark Building
3rd Floor Courtroom



Presiding Judge
 Honorable S. Alexander-Simmons

Deputy Court Clerks  
Mayra Renteria
Amanda Milatovich

 Lee Van Richardson, Jr.

Bailiff/Warrant Officer
 Prairie View Police Dept.

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