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If you are qualified for jury service,  The City of Prairie View needs you! 

 By registering on this site, you are only sending your information to the City of Prairie View Municipal Court to be added to the database from which jurors are summoned.  This process is not registering you for a particular case or court date.  

Jury Service as a Civic Duty and a Privilege
from the Texas Judicial  Branch

Your participation is important to Texas!

Both the Constitution of the United States and the Texas Constitution guarantee the right to a trial by jury. That right has long been considered a fundamental safeguard of each American's civil liberties. With your participation as a Texas juror, our constitutional right to an impartial jury is protected. As noted by the Honorable Tom C. Clark, Texan and former justice of the United States Supreme Court, "The jury system improves the quality of justice and is the sole means of keeping its administration attuned to community standards."

Jury service is a privilege that offers the average citizen an unequaled opportunity to influence and deliberate over fundamental matters of justice. As a juror, you are in a position of responsibility. You will need to be fair, impartial, and be willing to make decisions that are not based on your personal feelings and biases.

"The men and women who are called upon to serve on juries in both our federal and state courts have maintained a standard of fairness and excellence throughout the history of our country. They have demonstrated a vision and a will toward the administration of justice that is a wellspring of inspiration."

-U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren (1962)

Statutory Exemptions (Govt. Code, Section 62.106)

A Person May Claim Exemption if that Person: 

  • Is over 70 years of age; 
  • Has legal custody of a child or children younger than ten years of age and serving on the jury requires leaving the child or children without adequate supervision;
  • Is a student of a public or private secondary school;
  • Is a person enrolled and in actual attendance at an institution of higher education;
  • Is an officer of and employee of the Senate, the House of Representatives, or any department, commission, board, office, or any agency in the legislative branch of state government;
  • Is a primary caretaker of a person who is an invalid unable to care for him/herself
  • Has served as a petit juror in the municipal court, county court, or district court in the preceding 24 months.

It is not mandatory to take an exemption from jury service; it is your right to be exempt if you choose. 

Qualifications for Jury Service (Govt. Code, Section 62.102 except where noted)

A Person May Serve as a Juror in the City of Prairie View if that Person: 

  • Is at least 18 years of age;
  • Is a citizen of this state and a resident of the City of Prairie View;
  • Is qualified under the Constitution and laws to vote in Waller County, in which he/she is to serve as a juror (Note: you DO NOT have to be registered to vote to be qualified to vote);
  • Is of sound mind and good moral character;
  • Is able to read and write;
  • Has not served as a juror for six days during the preceding three months in Waller County Court or during the preceding six months in the Waller County District Court;
  • Has not been convicted of theft (misdemeanor or felony) or any felony; and
  • Is not under indictment or other legal accusation of a misdemeanor theft, felony theft, or any other felony charge.
  • Is a resident of the City of Prairie View for which the court is established.  (Government Code, Section  62.501; specific to municipal courts)

If you have been summoned, complete the juror information questionnaire and return it to the court by the requested due date.
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(You must reside in the City of Prairie View to serve as a juror in Prairie View)

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