Prairie View Office of Emergency Management

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Greetings Citizens of Prairie View,

We have created this page as just one more tool to more efficiently communicate pertinent information to you, particularly during a threat or an emergency.  We will build this page to include shelter, evacuation, and resources in the event of any emergency.  Please check back often.

The City of Prairie View also uses an electronic calling system.  If you are or not receiving "robo calls", please notify the City of Prairie View at 936-857-3711 or click to email your request.  This information is available in both English and Spanish.


As of this update, we still do not have any confirmed cases of the virus in Waller County, but I have just been advised by our Local Health Authority that there are two residents from Waller County that are being hospitalized, monitored and tested.  Testing takes a few days. Also, two residents, contacts to a case in a different county, are being monitored.  This is the most current information.  Dr. Plasencia recommends serious social isolation interventions and precautions for now, to see if we can slow the spread of the virus and buy some time for healthcare providers. 

The number of confirmed cases remains at 3 in Montgomery County; 9 in Fort Bend; 10 in Harris.  Brazoria County  (a Houston area county south of Fort Bend) joins the list at 2.

There are now 56 cases confirmed in 17 Texas counties. 

Everyone needs to continue all good hygiene protocols and maintain social distancing from other people.  AVOID any gatherings of individuals. 

The best approach is to behave not to prevent yourself from getting the virus, but act AS IF you have the virus and you don’t want to contaminate or infect anyone else....


EVERYONE NEEDS TO RELAX.  Be smart and exercise caution BUT THERE IS NO NEED TO HOARD DRY GOODS OR FOOD.  Supply chains are uninterrupted.  Water supplies are safe.  Stores are already re-stocking. 

Things should return to normal shortly in relation to the grocery stores.  Get what you NEED and be mindful of your neighbors.  Let’s act like a community please. 

I’ve also seen a few posts of people wondering if County offices will be open this week.  COUNTY OFFICES WILL BE OPEN THIS WEEK WITH NORMAL HOURS OF OPERATION. No changes in that regards are planned at this time.

We are all neighbors.  We will manage through this all.  There will be an impact on our local businesses because of this virus.   Please keep that in mind when you eat and shop. Please continue to support our LOCAL businesses. 

If you buy take out food, leave a little extra for the waitstaff. Buy local when you shop.  SUPPORT OUR LOCAL RETAILERS. Support your neighbors.  See a need - think of a way to fill it.  Let others know. 

Waller County is the most resilient and resourceful county in Texas.  We are better prepared to handle this than most others.  That’s the advantages of a rural county.

No reason for any panic. Stay calm and #WashYourHandsLikeYouJustPeeledSpicyCrawfish



06-07-2019; 3:42 p.m.

06-07-2019; 2:44 p.m.

The hazmat incident is controlled and fire department operation has ceased.   PVOEM is initiating an all clear status and citizens and traffic may return to normalcy.


At Approximately 1344 hours PVOEM received a report of a hazardous substance incident located at Magnolia Street and Business 290.

Prairie View Fire Department and mutual aid fire departments are on location conducting hazardous operations and safety protocols

The area is blocked off from traffic. Please stay away from area until further notice.

A shelter in place is recommended for citizens living within one mile of the area.
PVOEM will keep citizens and businesses informed and updated as soon as more information is released.

 06-05-2019;10:12 a.m.

Severe storms are moving through our area with heavy rains and gusty winds, with possible street flooding in some areas. PVOEM will be constantly monitoring stormy weather and will keep all updated Thank you PVOEM

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