Prairie View Police Department


For Non-Emergencies, Dial 979-826-8033
For Police Administration, Dial 936-857-3521
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 The City of Prairie View Police Department is committed to serving its citizens with pride, integrity, and respect.  

PVPDBadgeCrime Victims' Rights:  As a victim of  a violent crime, you have rights.  Click for more information. 

Request Vacation Watch
If you will be away from home, click here to request police watch to help ensure the safety of your home while you are away.

For your convenience, you may use
Online Police Reporting

for non emergencies, such as:

Suspicious Activity, Animals at Large, Trash & Debris, Crime Tips, Request Vacation Watch, Request Police Presence

           SeeSayReport Online

 For crime reporting, you can always remain anonymous.            

The City of Prairie View Police Department participates in the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) program.  Vehicles currently in the possession of the Prairie View Police Department are military styled vehicles:  Two (2) armored-type trucks and one (1) utility-type truck.


If you wish to remain anonymous, do not enter identifying information, use N/A instead. 
Address or location of crime being reported:
Upload any photographs or documents you wish to submit.
Describe what you are reporting: 

If you run out of space on this form, submit another report and indicate in the name field that it is being continued.

 Thank you for your submission.  Please be assured that this report will be given high priority.